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After an apocalypse caused by a global cotton famine wipes off 90% of the population, the strongest warriors will compete for the last resources available. The competition is called "Ricochet Rally" and is held only once a year. Who will grab the grand prize and who will be needing stitches will be determined on… The FUZZY ROAD!

Fuzzy Road is a third person multiplayer vehicular combat demolition game in which players battle each other with armored/weaponized vehicles. The weapons attached to these vehicles are used to destroy enemy players. Bonus items include a bomb pick up, a shield power up, and a health power up which are placed throughout the map for players to grab and enhance their battle amongst other competitors


  • Press square to select buttons in the main menu (analog to cycle through)
  • Choose vehicle (square to initiate vehicle choosing and square again to pick a specific vehicle. Analog to cycle through)
  • Once selections have been made game will begin shortly once player 1 has selected the "Begin" button in the character selection screen. (square)
  • Once "GO!" has appeared on screen, move your vehicle with the left joystick on your controller. Move up to proceed forward, move down to reverse.
  • Fire at enemies with the "Square" button.
  • One kill is 1 point, one flag capture is 3 points.
  • Flags can be planted at any base
  • Players respawn at bases
  • Person with the most points at the end of the timer wins the match.


Install instructions

Unity Player required. Simply double check the FBR .exe, change screen resolution to 1366x768 and quality settings to 'Fast' and then click 'Play'.


FRB.zip 108 MB