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Saluto is a first-person puzzle game. The player must navigate their way through an abandoned laboratory where darkness is prevalent and puzzles must be solved to escape.

The main character wakes up to find themselves in a mysterious laboratory. The player is given no information on who this character is, why they are in this situation, or where they are exactly. The story is told primarily through audio logs and environmental storytelling which tell the tales of the scientists and personnel working at the facility, told through the eyes of Dr. Caine. Throughout the game, the player hears about the creature known as "Saluto" (The Latin word for timeless) referred to as the most dangerous experiment at the facility, capable of bending the very fabric of time. Once the player escapes from the lab, it is revealed that the player is in fact Saluto, with the player's ability to respawn after death being the very power Saluto possesses.


Keyboard Controls—

WASD or Arrow Keys – Move

Mouse Movement – Camera Control

Left Mouse Button – Set Respawn

Right Mouse Button – Pick Up / Use

Spacebar – Jump

XBOX Controller Controls—

Left Analog – Move

Right Analog – Camera Control

X – Set Respawn

B – Pick up / Use

Y – Jump


Saluto_Marketing.mp4 65 MB
Saluto.app.zip 73 MB

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